Did Life Hand You a Lemon? Let A Lemon Law Attorney Handle Your Case

Lemon Car
From statistics, we know that lemons are more common than we think. With one lemon per 76,808 vehicles manufactured. And according to a survey, 21% of respondents said they ended up with a lemon car purchased from a new dealership. Car defects like faulty steering, headlight failure, sudden loss of power, etc. not only substantially impair vehicle owners’ use of their vehicle, but can also lead to fatal accidents. Unfortunately, many vehicle manufacturers are not cooperative as they don’t fully understand the value of satisfied customers or California’s lemon laws. Fortunately, the California Lemon Law and other state laws exist to ensure those car owners aren’t stuck with faulty vehicles that can endanger their lives. As such, it’s essential to understand what qualifies cars as lemons and what you can do if you end up purchasing one! In this infographic, we will cover the details of California Lemon Law.
Lemon Law Attorney

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