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Audi Models with the Most Recalls

Founded in 1909, Audi is a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group – known for luxury and performance. Despite consistently high ratings, we have seen Audi models experience a range of issues over the years. Here are some of the models we’ve seen that may warrant an Audi lemon law claim.

Audi A6

The Audi A6 is the most recalled Audi model in the catalog, making up nearly 13% of the brand’s recalls with 112. The A6 was introduced in 1977. Wew have seen the model experience a host of issues, including:

Audi A4

The Audi A4 is one of the brand’s premier compact executive cars. Launched in 1994, the model has seen five generations and has earned a reputation for powerful, high-performing engines. While the vehicle gets consistently favorable reviews, it’s had its share of recalls – with a total of 69. These recalls involved:

Audi Q5

The Audi Q5 is one of the newer models on this list. First launched in 2008, this compact crossover SUV has been a favorite for critics and boasts some of the most impressive sales numbers in the auto world. Even with all the rave reviews, the Q5 has been recalled 71 times for issues including:

Audi A3

The Audi A3 is an award-winning model dating back to 1996. Classified as a compact executive car, the A3 was named the World Car of the Year in 2014. While the vehicle gets consistently high ratings, it is one of Audi’s most recalled vehicles – with 54 recalls. The common defects that we have seen include:

Does Your Vehicle Qualify for Audi Lemon Law California?

A defect with your Audi doesn’t always mean it’s a lemon. In California, there are several qualifications your vehicle must meet before you’re eligible for an Audi lemon law buyback:

To prove your vehicle meets the qualifications of Audi lemon law in California, you must have documentation from the manufacturer-certified repair facility.

Audi Lemon Law FAQs

Which vehicles are covered by Audi lemon law?

Audi lemon law covers all Audi models that were sold or leased with defects – and are within the terms of the manufacturer or dealer warranty.

Does my vehicle qualify for an Audi lemon law buyback?

Step one of filing a lemon law claim for an Audi is understanding the state’s qualifications. You may be eligible for compensation if:

Be sure you hold onto all repair invoices and receipts associated with the defective vehicle. This paperwork will be crucial if you file a claim under California lemon law for Audi.

What compensation can I receive for an Audi lemon law claim?

If your Audi meets the state’s lemon law qualifications, your buyback may include:

Again, documentation is everything. You’ll need to have records of all recoupable costs in the Audi lemon law buyback.

Can I take my defective Audi to my trusted mechanic for warranty repairs?

Absolutely not! This is one of the biggest mistakes a consumer can make in the lemon law Audi process. If the vehicle is covered under warranty, you MUST take it to the manufacturer-certified repair facility. Getting work done by a 3rd party mechanic can potentially void the lemon law claim, making a buyback impossible. Get in touch with the manufacturer and they will direct you to a facility.

What happens if the warranty for my Audi expires?

Your ability to receive compensation under lemon law depends on the warranty terms. As long as the defect was first reported to the Audi manufacturer within the terms of the warranty, you may still receive lemon law benefits – even if the warranty expires during the repair process.

If the warranty expires before you report the defect – and you can’t prove the vehicle was defective during the terms of the warranty – you won’t likely have a valid claim. Reporting issues to the manufacturer must be done as soon as you notice something is wrong. Delaying the process can potentially ruin your claim – not to mention putting you and other drivers at risk.

What is the time limit to file a claim under Audi lemon law?

California has a statute of limitations that lasts four years. This begins when the vehicle meets the state’s lemon law qualifications. We advise consumers to report defects immediately. Not only does this protect your safety on the road, but it can also impact your Audi lemon law buyback amount. If you wait years to file a claim, it may imply the defect was not substantial enough to warrant benefits. Every day you delay the lemon law process can jeopardize the compensation you receive.

Do used vehicles apply to Audi lemon law in California?

Yes. California is one of the few states that has lemon laws for used vehicles. Used car dealers are required to disclose the terms of the warranty.

Used car warranties in California are usually good for 30 days after purchase or before 1,000 miles accrue on the odometer. If your Audi meets California’s lemon law qualifications, it can be processed the same way as a new vehicle.

What if I bought my Audi vehicle “as is”?

“As is” agreements mean there is no warranty in place and the consumer takes responsibility for any defects after driving off the lot. These are the norm in private car sales. Dealerships are required to disclose if a vehicle is being sold “as is” on the buyer’s guide. If you purchase a vehicle “as is” – it means you may have no protection from Audi lemon law.

What if there is no indication of a dealer warranty or an “as is” agreement?

If there is no indication of an “as is” agreement or a dealer warranty, the vehicle may come with an implied warranty of merchantability. This is an unspoken warranty agreement stating that the vehicle works for its intended purposes. In California, implied warranties usually last at least 60 days or up to a year – but they only cover the essential components of a vehicle.

As implied warranties do not have written terms, seeking justice under Audi lemon law will be a challenge. You’ll need a skilled lemon attorney to manage your claim.

How much does an Audi lemon law lawyer cost?

Audi lemon law California requires manufacturers to pay for all the consumer’s attorney fees as part of the buyback. Because of this, trustworthy lemon law attorneys do not charge a contingency fee agreement on your buyback settlement. Rather than take a percentage of the settlement, the manufacturer reimburses your incurred attorneys fees and costs after your attorney prevails on your claim. Therefore a good lemon law attorney won’t charge consumers a penny out-of-pocket for their services.

Most consumers don’t know about this structure – as they likely haven’t dealt with lemon law before. Be careful of lemon attorneys who charge upfront costs. More often than not, these attorneys will pursue a quick settlement from the manufacturer that is way less than what the consumer deserves. If a lemon attorney demands upfront costs in the consultation, it’s a big red flag.

Do You Really Need an Attorney to Fight for an Audi Lemon Law Buyback?

Absolutely. Audi has access to incredibly high-powered legal teams. These defense teams will do whatever it takes to avoid compensating consumers. A lemon law attorney will make sure you stand a fighting chance – and avoid the manufacturer’s tricky tactics to lose your claim.

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