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Toyota Models with the Most Recalls

Toyota has built a reputation for producing reliable, cost-effective vehicles – but no automaker is perfect. Here are the Toyota models with the most mechanical issues.

Toyota Tundra

The Toyota Tundra is a staple in the pickup truck market across the world. The model was introduced in 1999 and has racked up 482 recalls, making up nearly 17% of all Toyota recalls. The most common issues with the Tundra involve:

Toyota Sequoia

Introduced in 2000, the Toyota Sequoia is a full-size SUV and a favorite for families. The Sequoia has long been praised for high performance, but it’s not immune to recalls. The model has amassed 215 recalls since its inception – most of which involve:

Toyota Venza

The Toyota Venza – introduced in 2008 – brings a desirable, outside-the-box design to the midsize SUV market. While the model is generally known for excellent fuel economy and comfort, it has had 214 recalls over the years. Most of these issues stem from:

Toyota Corolla

The Corolla is Toyota’s most popular model – and is one of the most desirable cars on the planet. Consumers and critics continuously praise Corolla for dependability and fuel economy. But despite all the praise, the famed Toyota model has had 206 recalls for problems involving:

Toyota Prius

The Prius has been a pioneer of hybrid vehicles. Introduced in 1997, the vehicle has built a fantastic reputation for both efficiency and comfort. However, the model is not without problems – having had 190 recalls from issues related to:

Does Your Vehicle Qualify Under Toyota Lemon Law California?

People buy Toyota vehicles to avoid issues – ending up with a defective model is extremely frustrating. A mechanical problem with your Toyota does not necessarily mean it is a lemon. To qualify for Toyota lemon law, the vehicle must meet the following qualifications:

You’ll need to have records of everything to prove your vehicle meets the criteria of Toyota lemon law. Keep all paperwork, repair orders, and invoices – as these will be critical in filing a claim.

Toyota Lemon Law FAQs

Which Toyota vehicles are covered by Toyota lemon law in California?

Every Toyota model sold with a manufacturer or dealer warranty is covered. The defect MUST be reported to the manufacturer within the terms of the warranty to be eligible for a Toyota lemon law buyback.

What compensation is included in my Toyota lemon law buyback?

If you can prove your vehicle is a qualified Toyota lemon car, your compensation may include:

Be sure to hold onto all receipts and records of expenses related to your Toyota lemon car – as you won’t be eligible for compensation without them.

What if my Toyota warranty expires?

Your vehicle may only apply for Toyota lemon law if the defect was reported within the terms of the warranty. Even if the warranty expires after the initial report, you may still be eligible for benefits.

Can I take my defective Toyota to my trusted mechanic?

No! ANY work done by a 3rd party mechanic while your Toyota is under warranty may void a potential lemon law claim. All repairs must be handled by the manufacturer’s certified technicians.

Is there a time limit to file a claim in the Toyota lemon law process?

In the state of California, there is a four-year statute of limitations to file a lemon law claim – after the vehicle meets the criteria. We recommend starting the Toyota lemon law process as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the weaker your claim gets. If you drive around for months – or years – with a defective vehicle, the manufacturer’s defense teams will argue the defect was not substantial enough to warrant a claim.

Does Toyota lemon law California apply to used vehicles?

Fortunately, yes. In California, used vehicles may qualify for a Toyota lemon law buyback. Most used vehicles sold at dealerships come with a dealer warranty, which is usually good for 30 days after purchase or before 1,000 miles accrue on the odometer. If the used vehicle meets the state’s lemon law criteria within these terms, it can be processed like a new vehicle.

What if I bought my Toyota lemon car “as is”?

“As is” agreements mean the buyer takes full responsibility for any issues after the vehicle is driven off the lot. In other words, this means there is no warranty in place and you have no protections under Toyota lemon law. “As is” agreements are typical in private car sales. However, dealerships are required to disclose whether a vehicle has a dealer warranty or is being sold “as is” on the buyer’s guide.

What if there was no clarification of a warranty or “as is” agreement?

If you don’t see an indication of a dealer warranty or an “as is” agreement on the buyer’s guide, the vehicle will have an “implied warranty of merchantability”. This unspoken warranty means the vehicle is fit for its intended purpose – and the essential parts of the vehicle are covered.

Implied warranties in California are usually good for 60 days up to a year after purchase.

How much does a Toyota lemon law lawyer cost?

Lemon law attorneys do not cost consumers ANYTHING out-of-pocket. Manufacturers are required to pay for the consumer’s attorney fees and court costs as part of the lemon law agreement in California.

Due to this, trustworthy lemon law attorneys work on a contingency fee agreement, meaning they get paid after they win the case. They shouldn’t ask clients for any money upfront – and they won’t take your case unless they think they can win.

Most people with lemon have never experienced the process before. Some attorneys take advantage of this and demand upfront costs from clients. Don’t fall for it. In most cases, these attorneys will seek a low-ball settlement.

Why Hire a Toyota Lemon Law Attorney to Manage Your Claim?

There are no guarantees in the Toyota lemon law process. Even if your claim seems rock solid, earning fair compensation is still a challenge. Toyota is an automaker with a worldwide footprint – and is equipped with the best legal defense money can buy. Trying to pursue compensation without a skilled attorney will almost certainly leave you short-changed.

Working with a lemon attorney with experience in Toyota lemon law is crucial in your fight for justice. A skilled attorney will make sure the manufacturer’s legal teams do not get away with selling you a defective vehicle – and they’ll make sure you get every penny you’re owed.

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