How The California Lemon Law Works

What is the California Lemon Law?

The Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, more commonly referred to as the California lemon law, can be found in California’s Civil Code beginning with section 1790. The California lemon law was enacted to help consumers with defective products, most often new and used car lemons.

How do I qualify?

A new or used car that is purchased with a warranty may qualify as a lemon if the manufacturer, through its local dealerships, have been unable to repair it after a reasonable number of opportunities to do so. Each time the dealership is given an opportunity to repair the vehicle counts as a repair visit, even if the manufacturer did not do any repair work. In most cases, the dealership must be given at least 2 opportunities to fix the car, boat or RV.

What am I entitled to?

If your new or used car qualifies for the lemon law the manufacturer must promptly buy-back or replace your car. If you choose to have your car repurchased, the California Lemon Law requires the manufacturer to refund the purchase price of the car, including, but not limited to, paying off the vehicle loan or lease, finance charges and vehicle registration, among other miscellaneous items.

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For a qualifying new or used lemon car, the California Lemon Law requires the manufacturer to pay all reasonably incurred attorneys’ fees, court costs and expenses. Because the California Lemon Law requires the manufacturer to refund the purchase price of your car, mistakes made early on can be extremely costly. If you think you need the help of the new or used car lemon law, protect your potential California Lemon Law case by seeking the assistance of a qualified lemon law lawyer.

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