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What is California
Lemon Law

The California lemon law was enacted to protect consumers from manufacturers or dealerships selling faulty vehicles and products. Also known as the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, the law allows Californians to seek compensation for money they lost buying the car and any other expense stemming from the lemon.

In most cases, the manufacturer must either buy back the defective vehicle or provide a replacement vehicle, at no expense to the owner. 

How do I Know If My Car Qualifies?

In our state, the lemon law can apply to used, new, or leased vehicles – as long as they are covered under the manufacturer or dealership warranty.

According to lemon law qualifications of California state, your vehicle may be deemed a lemon if:

  • The vehicle has a “defect” that substantially impairs its use, value, or safety; and
  • The manufacturer or dealership has attempted to repair the vehicle a minimum of two times with no success; or
  • The vehicle has been in the shop for 30 or more days for repairs – consecutively or not.
  • Finally, the defect was not the result of unauthorized use of the vehicle.

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What am I entitled to?

If your vehicle meets California lemon law requirements, you are entitled to a full buyback (refund) for the purchase price paid for the vehicle and all incidental costs. Alternatively, you can request to receive a replacement vehicle or one of similar value. 

Your refund or replacement will be worth the purchase price of the original. The manufacturer or dealership will cover all fees and expenses you’ve incurred from your lemon vehicle, such as attorneys’ fees and court costs, rental car fees, cab fares, payments on a loan, finance charges, registration costs, and so on.

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When you contact a California lemon law attorney from Cline APC, you won’t pay a thing.

 The law states that the manufacturer is responsible for your legal fees, court costs, and other expenses when it repurchases or replaces your vehicle. We don’t charge upfront costs or any contingency fees from your vehicle buyback- you’ll receive totally out-of-pocket free legal assistance.

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