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Late review. First thank you guys for your help. Originally when I started looking for help nobody wanted to help, but Brain gave me a chance. It took sometime, but it is definitely worth it.
My Experience with Brian, Jeff and his firm staff was Great!. the process took some time and every time I requested update, i received the response very promptly. staff was very courteous and efficient. very profesional. exceeded my expectations.I would refer them or use their service again for sure.
Tony Gu
Tony G.
I want to say, Thank You so very much Mr. Brian Cline and your awesome team for your professional assistance dealing with the Lemon Law proceedings on my 2015 Corvette. You turned a very upsetting experience into a positive outcome. Shawnee, (One of Mr. Cline's team member) supported me, guided me and kept me up to date throughout the whole process. I was extremely pleased with the final outcome and want to express my sincere appreciation. THANK YOU
Yolanda King
Yolanda K.
My first new car was sadly defective. I previously had a different lemon law lawyer but ended up looking else where (they were terrible at communication) while browsing though the many law firms on yelp i found this firm and im so glad i did. I cant say enough good things about working with them. My main contact at the firm was Jeffrey Moses he was super informative and very responsive he helped me settle my lemon law case and now the car company is buying their defective car back!... I hope im never in this situation again but if i am this is the firm id be working with to settle it. Thanks again for your amazing work Jeffrey! :)
marilyn garcia
marilyn G.
Brian took my case and in no time had made the necessary arrangements to get me my money. Camille kept me informed at all times and returned calls promptly. They were always available to answer questions in a courteous and professional manner. I highly recommend this firm. Thank you so much for all your work, I am truly grateful.
Se Agflo
Se A.
Brian and his team were excellent throughout my lemon law process. It took a little longer than I initially thought it would( 7 months) but mainly because Hyundai were stalling the case and playing hardball even though my case was a homerun. John was my point of contact for the last few months and he really was prompt, kind and professional. Camille and Nia were similarly very helpful early in my case. I would highly recommend using this law firm if you feel you have a lemon law case. Thank you Cline APC.
Peter Quillinan
Peter Q.
Unfortunately, I had a 2013 Nissan Altima that was a Lemon and I went through a couple consultations with other lawyers before I came across Cline APC, Attorneys at Law. I am so glad that I chose this firm to represent me. They were professional and efficient and friendly. If you are moving forward with a Lemon Law case be patient it takes a while to complete however it is worth it. I worked with Brian and John. Both were great, during the latter of the case I worked with John who was fantastic with communicating the step by step processes and procedures and what I needed to do on my end. I am a very busy person, so they were great with emailing all information and forms so I can respond when I had a chance. I didn’t have to go down to any offices everything was completed virtually. The only physical thing I needed to do was go to my dealership to meet with a Transfer agent who was nice, quick and efficient. I was in and out within 10 minutes. After your car is turned in it takes a couple weeks to receive the settlement so save for transportation between turning in your lemon and waiting for settlement. I did a lot of thinking and hesitation when I had problems with my car, I even contemplated just trading it for something else, but I am so glad I decided to act and trust Brian Cline with my case and get the settlement I deserved for a malfunctioning non-trustworthy car. When I turned the car in, I had a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Thanks again Brain and John! I will defiantly keep your information close and recommend to anyone having Lemon issues.
Amanda Esquivel
Amanda E.

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