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Volvo Models with the Most Recalls

Volvo is one of the most popular automakers with roots in Northern Europe dating back to 1927. Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, Volvo has built a worldwide reputation for quality and longevity. The brand boasts upward of 700,000 unit sales every year – but even the most reliable manufacturers are susceptible to recalls. Here are the Volvo models with the most issues:

Volvo S80

The S80 is one of Volvo’s premier executive car models – with production running from 1998 to 2016. The model has been noted by critics for its smooth ride and safety features, but that doesn’t mean it’s a stranger to recalls. The S80 was recalled 54 times for problems involving:

Volvo V70

The V70 is another one of Volvo’s executive car lines discontinued in 2016. The model was consistently deemed satisfactory by critics and consumers, but it had its fair share of issues. The V70 was recalled 46 times for issues related to:

Volvo S60

The Volvo S60 was first introduced in 2000 and has sold hundreds of thousands of units across the globe. While the model is a favorite for consumers in the United States and Canada, it’s had plenty of issues – amassing 42 recalls for problems like:

Volvo XC70

The XC70 is a famed Volvo hatchback launched in 1996. Known for off-road ability and durability, the model has been a favorite for both casual and adventurous drivers. Before it was replaced by the more stylish V90 wagon, the XC70 racked up 36 recalls for issues involving:

Volvo XC90

The XC90 is a popular mid-size crossover SUV that’s been in production since 2002. The model is extremely popular in the United States – and was even named SUV of the year by MotorTrend in 2003 and 2016. Even with all the rave reviews, the XC90 has 32 recalls to its name for problems related to:

Does Your Vehicle Meet Volvo Lemon Law Requirements in California?

Volvo is consistently praised for longevity and durability. Purchasing or leasing a faulty model can feel like a stroke of bad luck. No one wants to find out their new Volvo is defective, but a single mechanical problem doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve got a lemon.

Under California lemon law, your vehicle must meet the following criteria to be eligible for a Volvo lemon law buyback:

Demonstrating your Volvo qualifies for California lemon law benefits requires several pieces of documentation – repair orders, invoices, warranty terms, and all relevant records.

Volvo Lemon Law FAQs

Which vehicles are covered in Volvo Lemon Law Cases?

Any defective Volvo model sold with a manufacturer or dealership warranty can be eligible for California lemon law benefits. The defect must have been reported to the manufacturer within the terms of the warranty it was sold with.

What compensation can I pursue in a Volvo lemon law buyback?

Volvo lemon law cases involve many different factors. Once the vehicle meets the criteria of Volvo lemon law, you and your lemon law lawyer CA may pursue the following compensation:

May I still seek a Volvo lemon law buyback if my warranty expires?

Volvo lemon law cases are only valid if the defect was first reported to the manufacturer/dealership during the terms of the warranty. Even if the warranty expires during the repair process, it will still qualify for benefits.

What’s the time limit to pursue a Volvo lemon law buyback?

There is a four-year statute of limitations to file a claim under California lemon law.

We strongly encourage consumers to begin the process of seeking a Volvo lemon law buyback as soon as possible. Waiting to file a claim will not do you any favors. For instance, if you wait months – or years – to take action on a defective vehicle, the manufacturer will argue the defect was not “substantial” enough to warrant a claim. This will create obstacles in the California lemon law process.

Are Volvo lemon law cases valid with a used vehicle?

Yes! California lemon law extends to used vehicles. Dealerships typically sell vehicles with a dealer warranty that lasts 30 days or before 1,000 miles accrue on the odometer. Assuming your Volvo meets the state’s lemon law qualifications within the terms of the dealer warranty, it can be processed like a new vehicle.

What happens if I bought my Volvo vehicle “as is”?

Buying a vehicle with an “as is” agreement means there are no protections in place under Volvo lemon law. You take complete responsibility for all defects and nonconformities. “As is” agreements are commonplace in private vehicle sales – but dealerships are required to specify this on the buyer’s guide.

What if there is no clarification of a dealer warranty or “as is” agreement?

Vehicles without a clearly defined warranty or “as is” agreement may have an implied warranty of merchantability. This unspoken warranty means the vehicle is equipped to serve its intended purpose. Under California lemon law, these warranties are good for 60 days up to a year and cover the vehicle’s essential components.

How much does a lemon law lawyer CA cost?

You don’t have to pay anything out of pocket to hire a Volvo lemon law lawyer in California. Manufacturers are required to cover attorney fees as part of the settlement. That said, these lawyers work on a contingency fee agreement. They make a percentage of the total settlement AFTER they win the case.

If a California lemon law attorney demands fees upfront, head for the door.

Should I Hire an Attorney for a Volvo Lemon Law Buyback?

Yes. The attorney you hire to handle your case is the most important step in the California lemon law process. Volvo is a global brand worth $333 billion – and they have no intention of paying you for their own mistakes. Keep in mind, you are going up against some of the most high-powered legal teams in the world. Trying to earn fair compensation on your own is nearly impossible, no matter how strong your case is.

A skilled lemon law attorney knows how to negotiate with these automakers and ensure you get every dollar you are owed for the lemon.

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