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The Most Common Problems with Maserati’s Models

Maserati is an Italian luxury auto manufacturer established in 1914. Initially associated with Ferrari, the brand was purchased by Stellantis in 2021. While there is certainly a market for these vehicles, the company sets a yearly production cap at 75,000.

The brand is known for class and performance – but there are plenty of issues with these vehicles. Some of the most common defects across Maserati’s five models include:


Consumers who own/lease the Quattroporte – a classy 4-door sedan – have commonly reported issues including problems with the clutch system, excessive noise, and excessive tire wear in the corners. The 2006 and 2014 editions have been the most affected models.


One of the older Maserati models, the most common problems with the Ghibli include clutch problems, frequent chips/cracks in the interior, and electrical system malfunctions. The 2015 model has the most recorded issues.


The Levante – a crossover SUV launched in 2016 – is well-known for electrical system failures, issues with the overall construction quality, and brake problems. If you are considering purchasing or leasing this vehicle, it’s recommended to be wary of the 2018 edition.


The MC20 is a newer high-performance vehicle that has been plagued with fuel delivery problems. Launched in 2020, there isn’t a pattern for which models to avoid.


The famous 2-door coupe is arguably Maserati’s most popular model – but it has a long history of electrical issues and suspension problems. There isn’t a specific year impacted, as these issues have been recurring across the model’s history.

Does Your Vehicle Qualify for Maserati Lemon Law California?

Maseratis are expensive vehicles – and consumers expect nothing less than perfect functionality. But this is not always the case. Purchasing or leasing a Maserati with defects from the factory is very frustrating, we get it.

But experiencing a single defect does not automatically mean your vehicle is a lemon. If you purchased or leased your vehicle in California, it must meet the following qualifications of CA lemon law:

To prove your Maserati meets the qualifications of Maserati lemon law, you need to have proper documentation that it has been subjected to the repair process – and the attempts were unsuccessful – or the vehicle was out of service for 30 or more total days.

You will also need to gather: a copy of the warranty agreement, purchase/leasing order, repair orders, and any other records related to the Maserati transaction.

Maserati Lemon Law FAQs

Which models are eligible for a Maserati buyback?

All Maserati models sold with a manufacturer or dealership warranty may qualify for a Maserati buyback.

The biggest factor in the California lemon law process is when you report the defect to the manufacturer. The defect MUST be reported while the warranty is in effect. Even if the warranty expires while repairs are being attempted, it can still qualify for Maserati lemon law in California.

What types of compensation can I pursue in a Maserati buyback under California lemon law?

When you file a Maserati buyback, your goal is to get compensation for every last dollar you lost from the ordeal. This goes beyond the price of the Maserati. Once your lemon law claim is approved, the Maserati lemon law attorney you hire will fight for the following compensation:

Now, your Maserati lemon law attorney can only do so much. You will need to provide them with all invoices, receipts, and records related to the defective Maserati. Try to organize all these documents and provide them to your lawyer as soon as you can.

Can a Maserati lemon law claim be valid if the warranty expires?

You are only able to pursue a Maserati buyback if the defect was reported within the terms of the warranty – either the original or the dealership. As long as there is a record of you reporting the defect while the warranty was in effect, it doesn’t matter if it expires during the repair process – your claim will still be valid.

What is the time limit to pursue a Maserati buyback?

Under Maserati lemon law in California, there is a four-year statute of limitations to seek a buyback.

We strongly recommend contacting a Maserati lemon law attorney immediately after your vehicle meets the qualification of California lemon law. The longer you wait to start the process, the more difficult it will be to earn compensation.

Say you wait a few months – or years – to file a lemon claim for your defective Maserati. The manufacturer will likely argue the defect was not “substantial” enough to warrant a claim – and your path to seeking fair compensation will become more difficult.

Moreover, driving a defective vehicle is dangerous to you and other people on the road.

Are used Maseratis eligible for the California lemon law buyback program?

Yes. California lemon law covers both new and used vehicles. Used car dealerships typically sell vehicles with a dealer warranty, which is usually good for 30 days or 1,000 miles after purchase. If your used Maserati meets the qualifications of CA lemon law during this warranty period, it may be processed in the same way a new vehicle would be.

What if I bought my Maserati “as is”?

Dealerships may sell used vehicles with a warranty or an “as is” agreement. This means there is no warranty in place and you take full responsibility for any defects or issues. Dealers are required to clearly indicate whether there is an “as is” agreement or warranty on the buyer’s guide.

What if there is no clarification of a dealer warranty or “as is” agreement?

There might not be an indication of a dealer warranty or “as is” agreement on the buyer’s guide. While this is rare, the vehicle likely has an implied warranty of merchantability – which is an unspoken agreement that the vehicle is fit for its intended purpose. These implied warranties are good for 60 days up to a year and cover the vehicle’s essential components.

Implied warranties are arbitrary – and you’ll need an experienced Maserati lemon law attorney to manage your claim.

How much does a Porsche lemon law attorney cost?

Hiring a Maserati lemon law attorney costs you nothing out of pocket.

Under the Maserati lemon law in California, manufacturers are required to cover all your attorney fees as part of the Maserati buyback. This means your lawyer will recoup all their expenses AFTER they win the case – and they shouldn’t charge you any retainer fees or upfront costs.

This fee structure is called a contingency fee agreement.

Should I Hire a Lawyer to Seek Compensation under Porsche Lemon Law?

Yes! Hiring a Maserati lemon law attorney will be the biggest factor in seeking compensation.

Maserati is a globally-recognized and respected auto brand with high-powered legal defense teams to manage lemon law claims brought forward by consumers. Earning a fair buyback under Maserati lemon law in California without an experienced lawyer will be extremely difficult.

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