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Lemon Law in California: What are your rights?

Learn About Your California Lemon Law Rights

There are millions of cars on the road around San Diego, which can make commuting a struggle. It doesn’t help that many drivers are in faulty vehicles that make the roads unsafe.

Any person can wind up behind the wheel of a poorly manufactured car. That’s why California has lemon law consumer rights in place.

California Lemon Law (the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act) holds manufacturers accountable for producing defective products. At Cline, APC, we educate clients on lemon law in California so they are protected and understand their rights.

These factors can indicate if manufacturer mistakes entitle you to compensation.

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The vehicle manufacturer has made at least two or more attempts to repair a warranty-covered defect.


The vehicle has been out of service for more than 30 days while being repaired for any number of warranty-covered problems.


The vehicle has several warranty-covered problems, of which were not caused by abuse of the vehicle, that impairs its use, value, or safety.

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In accordance with the California lemon law time limit, the defect must first occur within the original express written warranty. A common misconception is that the problem should occur within the first 18 months after purchase or before the odometer reaches 18,000 miles. This is NOT true. But, if your problems do occur within the first 18 months, or 18,000 miles of use, your vehicle will presumed to be a “lemon.”

When your vehicle meets the qualifications of the California lemon law

Attorney fees and costs covered in full by manufacturer.
Attorney fees and court costs will be covered by the manufacturer.
A full refund based in the original acquisition price of the vehicle.
Receive a full refund of the original acquisition price of the vehicle.
A replacement of your vehicle.
A replacement vehicle.

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Why We Deserve You

We know that driving in this part of California isn’t always easy. That’s why our team works through the San Diego lemon law buyback process promptly – so you can spend less time worrying.

Many legal teams in big cities pass most of the client communication off to assistants during the process of lemon law for cars. All Cline, APC clients are given plenty of face time with attorneys in order to get the maximum lemon law buyback value.

Plain and simple, you need a lemon law attorney that can compete with the budgets and legal teams of the big manufacturers. Each Cline APC attorney is highly experienced and passionate about getting the most out of every case.

When you sign with us, you won’t be asked to pay any contingency or retainer fees out-of-pocket. Once we win the case, the manufacturer is required to cover these costs.

Whether you are south of the 8, north of the 56, west of the five or reside in east county, Cline, APC has experience with the San Diego Superior Court system and its judges to effectively and efficiently prosecute your lemon law claim.

Estimate Your Potential Lemon Law Buyback Recovery Now

Our lemon law calculator can estimate your potential buyback price, but it’s not a guarantee.

Call 888.982.6915 for a better estimate and to learn how California lemon law applies to your special case. You can also fill out our Free California Lemon Law Case Evaluation form.

The Process of Filing a Lemon Law Claim in San Diego

Not sure how to file a claim? Trust us, the process isn’t as complicated as it seems. Follow these three (3) simple steps:

Take Your Vehicle into an Manufacturer Authorized Repair Facility--typically your local dealership
Keep an Accurate Report of ALL Repairs and Concerns
  1. Issue with the Vehicle
  2. Date of Repair
  3. Time the Vehicle Spent in the Shop
  4. Invoices
  5. Receipts
Hire a Specialized Lemon Law Attorney

Lemon Law and Used Cars

Even if you drive a pre-owned car, you can still receive benefits under lemon law in California for used cars.

1.Did You Buy a Used Car With Problems From a Dealer?

Used vehicles can be processed like new if it came with a warranty or an implied warranty of merchantability.

2.Understand Your Used Car Lemon Law Rights.

The dealership is obligated to cover repair costs. If the used vehicle is deemed a lemon, they must provide a replacement or refund. Legal fees are covered by the warrantor.

3.Did You Buy the Vehicle “As Is”?

Used vehicles sold “as is” need to be showcased as such, per the law of buying used cars from a dealer. If you bought the vehicle “as is,” you may not be eligible for benefits under San Diego lemon law for used cars.

Vehicles That Lemon Law Applies

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