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Chrysler Models with the Most Recalls

Chrysler – now part of Stellantis North America – is one of the “Big Three” brands of American auto manufacturing. The company boasts a wide variety of models in its catalog – and some have more problems than others. Here are the ones with the most recalls.

Chrysler Town and Country

The Town and Country is among the most well-known minivans on the market, but it’s no stranger to mechanical problems. The model has the most recalls within the entire Chrysler brand, coming in at 113. These recalls stem from issues involving:

Chrysler 300

Chrysler’s famed full-sized luxury car was launched in 2004 and has sold millions of units across the globe. Even though it’s known as one of the most reliable Chrysler cars, it has 84 recalls to its name – most of which were due to:

Chrysler Sebring

The Sebring spanned three generations and sold hundreds of thousands of vehicles. The model never achieved critical acclaim and was generally known for functionality issues. The Sebring racked up 64 recalls throughout its existence, involving:

Chrysler 200

Introduced as the successor to the Sebring, this mid-size car enjoyed favorable reviews and sold over 700K units worldwide. The Chrysler 200 has accumulated 47 recalls for problems related to:

Chrysler Lebaron

The Lebaron is one of Chrysler’s oldest models, spanning five generations. Thanks to its polished range, the model earned praise from both consumers and critics, but the vehicle was not without its issues. The Lebaron has been recalled 41 times for numerous defects, including:

Does Your Vehicle Qualify for Chrysler Lemon Law California?

Purchasing or leasing a defective vehicle is very frustrating – but a single defect doesn’t always mean the vehicle is a lemon. To qualify for a Chrysler lemon law buyback in California, the vehicle must meet the following qualifications:

Proving your vehicle meets the qualifications of Chrysler lemon law California is dependent on documentation. Be sure to keep all repair orders, invoices, and records to validate your claim.

Chrysler Lemon Law FAQs

Which vehicles are covered by Chrysler lemon law in California?

Every Chrysler vehicle sold with a manufacturer or dealer warranty in California is covered by the state’s lemon law. The defect(s) must be reported to the manufacturer within the terms of the warranty to qualify for a Chrysler lemon law buyback or replacement.

What compensation can I seek in a Chrysler lemon law claim?

Chrysler lemon law settlements may vary from case to case. If your Chrysler meets the state’s lemon criteria, you may seek compensation for:

Am I still eligible for lemon law benefits if my warranty expires?

Vehicles are only eligible for Chrysler lemon law settlements if the defect(s) was reported to the manufacturer during the warranty period.

What’s the time limit to seek Chrysler lemon law claims?

In California, consumers have four years to seek Chrysler lemon law settlements after the vehicle meets the state’s qualifications.

It’s advised to begin the Chrysler lemon law claims process as soon as possible. Your case may become weaker the longer you wait. For instance, waiting months (or years) after the vehicle meets Chrysler lemon law qualifications may indicate the defect was not “substantial” – and the manufacturer could use that to deny your claim.

Driving a defective vehicle also puts you and other drivers at risk. Do yourself a favor and get the process started quickly.

Can I seek a Chrysler lemon law buyback for a used vehicle?

In California, consumers can seek Chrysler lemon law claims for used vehicles. Dealerships commonly sell vehicles with dealer warranties, which are good for at least 30 days or before 1,000 miles accrue on the odometer. If your used Chrysler meets California’s lemon law criteria within the terms of the dealer warranty, it can be processed in the same way as a new vehicle.

What happens if I bought my Chrysler “as is”?

“As is” clauses mean the vehicle has no warranty in place and the buyer takes full responsibility for all defects. Most private car sales are done with “as is” agreements. Dealerships, however, are required to specify if the vehicle is sold with a dealer warranty or “as is” agreement on the buyer’s guide.

What happens if there is no indication of a dealer warranty or “as is” agreement?

If the dealership doesn’t specify a warranty or “as is” agreement on the buyer’s guide, the vehicle will have an implied warranty of merchantability. In California, these are unspoken warranties promising the vehicle is fit for the intended purpose and covers the essential components of the vehicle. These warranties are generally good for 60 days up to a year.

How much do Chrysler lemon law California lawyers cost?

Hiring a lemon attorney to handle your Chrysler lemon law claim shouldn’t cost you anything out of pocket.

If the vehicle meets California’s lemon law qualifications, Chrysler is required to pay for your attorney fees and court costs. This is why lemon law lawyers operate on contingency fee agreements. As they know they will get paid once they win the case, they shouldn’t ask you for a penny upfront – and they won’t take your case unless they think they can win. In other words, ANYONE can afford a skilled Chrysler lemon law lawyer.

Should I Hire a Specialized Attorney to Seek a Chrysler Lemon Law Buyback?

The importance of hiring a skilled attorney to manage your Chrysler lemon law claim cannot be overstated. Even if your vehicle clearly meets the state’s criteria, there are no guarantees in Chrysler lemon law settlements.

Chrysler is a global brand with extremely high-powered legal defense teams. Trying to seek fair compensation without an attorney will almost always end in the consumer getting short-changed. Manufacturers must be held accountable for selling defective products. A lemon law attorney will make sure you get a fair settlement promptly.

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