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Chevrolet is a cornerstone of the American auto industry – but it’s not immune to mistakes in the manufacturing process.

What are your options if you purchased or leased a defective Chevy vehicle in California?

Turn to a lawyer specializing in California lemon law Chevrolet cases.

California is one of the most consumer-friendly states in the country, and you may be entitled to a buyback or replacement vehicle.

Automakers can sell thousands of defective vehicles every year. Poor design, errors on the assembly line, and bad quality assurance may be to blame. Regardless of the circumstances, driving a defective Chevy can pose a serious risk to you and other drivers on the road.

Fortunately, California lemon law is on your side.

Is Your Chevy A Lemon?​

Finding a defect doesn’t always mean your Chevy is a lemon. Your vehicle must meet the state’s qualifications to be eligible for benefits. Under California lemon law – or the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act – your vehicle must meet the following criteria to be ruled a lemon:

If your vehicle meets these qualifications, you can file a Chevy lemon law claim with the manufacturer. There is a four-year statute of limitations in California to file a claim. We recommend starting the process as soon as possible. Speak to an experienced lemon law attorney today.

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Remedies for a Chevy Lemon Car

California lemon law helps consumers in many different ways. Once you prove your Chevy vehicle is a lemon, you have a few options to remedy the situation:

Many consumers believe they do not need an attorney to achieve any of these three outcomes if their Chevy meets the state’s lemon qualifications. It has been our experience that Chevrolet – and every other global automaker – has no intention of offering a remedy that is in the best interest of the consumer. These brands have expensive legal teams to avoid responsibility for selling you a defective vehicle.

You deserve a fair settlement for your troubles. Trying to negotiate a remedy without a lemon law lawyer will likely leave you short-changed.

Hiring a lemon law attorney does not cost you ANYTHING out-of-pocket. Manufacturers are legally required to pay for your attorney fees as part of the settlement. This is why lemon law lawyers don’t work on a traditional contingency fee agreement. Rather, experienced lemon law attorneys will not demand any upfront costs or retainer fees or take any percentage from your lemon law buyback refund.

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Lemon Law for Used Chevrolet Cars

California is one of the few states in the country to extend lemon law benefits to used vehicles.

Defective vehicles sold with a dealership warranty may be eligible for benefits under California lemon law. These warranties may be good for 30 days after purchase or before 1,000 miles accrue on the odometer. If your Chevy meets the state’s qualifications while covered under the dealer warranty, it may be processed in the same way as a new vehicle.

Dealerships in California are required to disclose the vehicle’s warranty terms on the buyer’s guide. If there is no indication of a warranty or “as is” agreement, the vehicle may have an implied warranty of merchantability. This means the vehicle is fit for its intended purposes. Implied warranties cover the vehicle’s essential components and may last 60 days or up to a year.

Lemon Law for Chevy Buyback

Once your vehicle meets the qualifications of Chevrolet lemon law California, you and your lemon lawyer may file a claim to pursue a buyback. This buyback should account for every dollar spent on the defective Chevy. This includes (but is not limited to):

You’ll need to have all the receipts and documentation to build your Chevy lemon law claim. Get in touch with a specialized Chevy lemon law attorney to learn more.

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Your path to seeking compensation for a faulty Chevy starts here.

The biggest mistake you can make in the lemon law process is waiting to file your claim.

At Cline APC, we specialize in California lemon law for Chevy vehicles. Our attorneys have spent years dealing with this automaker and understand the obstacles involved in earning fair compensation.

You’ve likely never dealt with lemon law before. That’s why we offer FREE consultations to consumers who may have purchased or leased a defective Chevy. Even if you don’t have a valid claim (yet), we are happy to guide you in the right direction.

There are many mistakes you can make that can compromise your claim. We’re here to help make sure you avoid these and earn the maximum compensation. Call our Chevy lemon law experts at 888-982-6915, send an email to, or fill out a free case evaluation.

Chevrolet Lemon Law FAQs

What do I do when I notice my Chevy is defective?

Get in touch with the manufacturer. They will review the terms of your warranty and begin the repair process. You will then take your vehicle to a Chevy-certified repair facility to remedy the defect.

Be sure you keep all the repair invoices and records of communication with the manufacturer. This will form the basis of your lemon law claim. The repair invoices should indicate:

If multiple repair attempts were unsuccessful, you may begin the process of filing a lemon claim with a specialized Chevy lemon law lawyer.

Can I take my defective Chevy to my trusted mechanic?

No, DO NOT take your vehicle to your trusted mechanic while it is still under warranty.

All warranty repairs must be performed by a manufacturer-certified facility. Getting any work done on your vehicle from a 3rd party mechanic can void the warranty, and in turn, invalidate your lemon law claim. Contact the manufacturer and they will direct you to the nearest certified repair facility.

How long do I have to file a lemon law claim for my Chevy?

There is a four-year statute of limitations to file a Chevy lemon law claim in California. However, we recommend that you start the lemon law process as soon as possible. Every time you drive with a lemon you are putting yourself and other drivers at risk.

Additionally, waiting to file a claim sends an unfavorable message to the legal system. If you wait several years to start the claim process, the manufacturer will argue the defect was not significant enough to warrant a valid claim. This can create a host of challenges in seeking full compensation.

Our professional advice as a Chevrolet lemon law attorney is to file your claim immediately after your vehicle meets the state’s qualifications.

What if I bought my used Chevy “as is”?

Most private sales for used cars are done with an “as is” agreement. This means there is no warranty in place and the buyer accepts responsibility for all defects. In other words, California lemon law does not protect you under these agreements.

Dealerships are required to disclose if the Chevy is being sold “as is” on the buyer’s guide. We recommend you avoid buying a vehicle “as is”. It will be extremely difficult (likely impossible) to seek compensation for a defective Chevy with no warranty in place.

How long will my Chevy lemon law claim take?

There is no definitive answer to this question, unfortunately. There are many factors involved in arguing a lemon law claim – and no attorney can guarantee results in a certain timeframe.

At Cline APC, our goal is to earn your Chevy lemon law buyback in 1-2 months. However, some claims are more complicated than others and may require additional time. While we cannot guarantee an exact date to receive compensation, we can promise that we’ll do everything in our power to earn your buyback as quickly as possible.

Once we assess your case, we will give you a rough estimate of the timeline. We want to stress that anything can happen in a lemon law claim. For more information, give us a call at 888-982-6915, send an email to, or fill out a free case evaluation.

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