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Ford Models with the Most Recalls

Ford is a staple in the American car market. The brand boasts their vehicles as-built “Ford tough” – but we’ve experienced that this is not always the case. Here are the models most likely to warrant a Ford lemon law claim.

Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 is one of the most iconic pickup trucks in the world. Introduced to the market in 1991, the F-150 has amassed 143 recalls. We’ve had successful lemon law claims for a range of problems, including, but not limited to:

Ford Fusion

The Fusion is one of Ford’s most respected sedans. With model years spanning from 2006 to 2020, the vehicle has been produced in gasoline, hybrid, and plug-in variants. The Fusion is generally viewed as an efficient, reliable vehicle, but it’s been subjected to 40 recalls for issues including:

Ford Escape

The Ford Escape is a beloved crossover SUV with more than two decades of production – with no signs of slowing down. The Escape has 47 total recalls per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for issues including (but not limited to):

Ford Explorer

The Explorer is Ford’s premier SUV line – first introduced in 1991. The Explorer was intended to replace the 2-door Bronco as a 4-door model perfect for families. Throughout its 30+ year history, the Explorer has accrued 51 recalls for issues including:

Ford Mustang

The Mustang is one of the most famous sports cars produced in America. The model has seen many iterations in history spanning back to 1964. Over the years, the Mustang has been recalled 66 times for problems including:

Does Your Vehicle Qualify for Ford California Lemon Law?

Problems with your Ford model do not automatically qualify it as a lemon. In California, your vehicle must meet several guidelines to be eligible for a Ford lemon law buyback:

You will need documentation from the manufacturer-certified repair facility that indicates your vehicle meets the qualifications of Ford lemon law.

Ford Lemon Law FAQs

Which vehicles are covered by Ford lemon law?

Ford lemon law covers all models sold with a manufacturer or dealer warranty. The defect(s) must be reported while under the terms of the warranty to qualify.

Does my vehicle qualify for a Ford lemon law buyback?

Learning the qualifications of lemon law in California is the first step in seeking compensation for your defective vehicle. Consumers may be eligible for Ford lemon law settlements if:

Documentation is everything in a Ford California lemon law case. Be sure to hold onto it throughout the entire repair process – and subsequent lemon claim process.

What compensation am I eligible for in a Ford lemon law claim?

If your vehicle meets the criteria of lemon law in California, the Ford lemon law buyback may include:

Hold onto ALL receipts and documentation for the reimbursements above.

Can I take my Ford to my trusted mechanic for warranty repairs?

No! This is one of the biggest mistakes consumers make in the lemon law process. While your Ford is under warranty, ALL repairs must be handled by a manufacturer-certified repair facility. Getting repairs done by a 3rd party mechanic can potentially compromise (or void) your Ford lemon law buyback.

What if the warranty for my Ford expires?

You are only eligible for lemon law benefits while the vehicle is under warranty. As long as the defect was first reported while the warranty was still in effect, the claim may still be valid. The warranty expiring during the repair process usually does not impact the claim.
Timelines are critical in lemon law claims. You need to report the issue to the manufacturer immediately. Delaying the repair process can put your claim at risk – not to mention endanger your own safety and that of other drivers.

What is the time limit to file a lemon law Ford claim?

In California, there is a four-year statute of limitations to file a claim after lemon law guidelines are met. This is another reason to report defects as soon as you notice them. The longer you wait to file a claim, the easier it will be for the manufacturer to denounce the defect as not “substantial”. Waiting will only compromise your potential Ford lemon law buyback amount.

Does Ford lemon law apply to used vehicles?

Yes! California is one of the most consumer-friendly states when it comes to lemon law. Used cars are covered by lemon law while they are under a dealership warranty. These are usually good for 30 days or 1,000 miles. If your used Ford meets the state’s qualifications while under the dealer warranty, it can be processed like new.
Dealerships are required to specify whether the used Ford is being sold “as is” on the buyer’s guide. This means there is no warranty in place and the consumer takes responsibility for all defects once they drive off the lot.

What if I bought my Ford model “as is”?

“As is” agreements are normal in private car sales. Dealerships are required to indicate if a vehicle is being sold “as is” or with a warranty. The “as is” clause means there is no warranty in place and the buyer is responsible for any defects/repairs. The lemon law in California may not have any protections for Ford vehicles being sold “as is”.

What if there is no indication of a dealer warranty or an “as is” agreement?

Sometimes, there will be no indication of a dealer warranty or “as is” clause on the buyer’s guide. If this is the case, the vehicle may still have an implied warranty of merchantability. This is an unspoken warranty that indicates the vehicle works for its intended purpose. In the state of California, implied warranties are usually good for at least 60 days or up to a year.

Since there are no written terms for implied warranties, seeking benefits under Ford lemon law can be tough. You’ll need a skilled attorney to fight for your claim.

How much does a Ford lemon law lawyer cost?

Experienced lemon law lawyers work on a contingent fee agreement. This agreement means they usually do not make a percentage of the Ford lemon law buyback settlement once the manufacturer pays it out. Instead, the manufacturer must pay all of the consumers attorneys’ fees, costs, and expenses at the end of the case. Therefore, the lemon law lawyer won’t charge consumers a penny upfront to take the case.

Anyone can afford to hire a good lemon law attorney. Most consumers have never dealt with a lemon before – and aren’t aware of the contingent fee agreement. But be careful of inexperienced lemon law attorneys who are naive to how the lemon law works. More often than not, these attorneys demand out-of-pocket costs upfront, then accept sub par settlements from the manufacturer.

Do You Really Need an Attorney in Your Ford Lemon Law Claim?

Even if you have a rock-solid lemon law claim, settlements are never a guarantee. Automakers have the most expensive legal teams unlimited financial resources can provide. These defense lawyers’ job is to help the manufacturers avoid financial responsibility. They have no problem taking advantage of consumers. Working with a lemon law attorney is essential to earning fair compensation. They will make sure you don’t fall victim to tricky negotiating tactics – and earn your Ford lemon law buyback as quickly as possible.

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