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After handling hundreds of lemon law cases we’ve identified the most common concerns Californians have about the California lemon law. If you have more questions about the California lemon law, or your specific situation, please contact us by telephone.  You may also use the free California lemon law case evaluation form to the right of this page and our lemon law lawyers will contact you shortly. Even if you are unsure whether your vehicle qualifies for the California lemon law, speaking with us may help you gain a better understanding of your rights.  Our lemon law attorneys know this area of law and are here to help.

Is my car a lemon according to the California lemon law?

There are two main questions to ask yourself to determine if your car qualifies to be bought back pursuant to the California lemon law; (1) Does your car have a defect; and (2) has the repair facility been given an opportunity to fix the defect. If you can answer yes to these question, the California lemon law may require you receive a refund of your purchase price or a replacement car.

What does the California lemon law say I can recover?

The manufacturer must promptly refund the purchase price or offer a replacement vehicle.  The California lemon law requires the manufacturer to repurchase or replace your new or used car lemon. Typically, a California lemon law vehicle buy-back includes the down payment, any finance payments, loan pay-off if applicable, vehicle registration fees, and many other out of pocket expenses. Or, at your option, you may request a replacement car.

Mr. Cline will provide a written estimate of the California lemon law buy-back figure. Prior to hiring our California lemon law lawyers you will have a written break down of your potential recovery and full explanation from the managing partner of the office. All of these services are provided as part of our absolutely free California lemon law consultation.

How much will it cost me to hire a California lemon law lawyer?

Nothing. The California lemon law requires the manufacturer to pay your lemon law lawyers’ fees, and even the costs and litigation expenses. At the Lemon Law Legal Group we never charge extra “contingency fees.” We are only paid if your case is successful and only after you have obtained your recovery. The California lemon law requires, and this office fights to make sure all of your attorneys’ fees, costs and expenses are paid by the manufacturer.

I bought a used car. Is there a California used car lemon law?

Yes. The California lemon law should be called the new or used car lemon law. The California lemon law may applies to a used car if you purchased the car covered by a warranty from a dealership. If you are not sure whether the California lemon law applies to your used car, feel free to contact our offices. A quick and free consultation, always by the owner of the office, can tell you if your car is covered by the California used car lemon law.

I lease my car. Does the California new or used car lemon law apply to me?

Yes. Whether you buy or lease, new or used, the California new or used car lemon law works the exact same way. If your leased vehicle is a lemon, the California new or used car lemon law states the manufacturer shall promptly refund the purchase price or offer you a replacement vehicle.

The manufacturer and/or my service technician told me my car doesn’t qualify for the California new or used car lemon law. Do I still have a lemon law case?

In most cases, yes. The manufacturer’s representative does not decide whether your vehicle qualifies under the California new or used car lemon law. This is the most common unscrupulous tactic we have seen in the auto industry. The dealership, acting on behalf of the manufacturer, tells you the California new or used car lemon law does not apply. Then they try to sell you a new car. This will likely increase your loan. This can cost you thousands of dollars. California’s new or used car lemon law explicitly prohibits this behavior. Whether it is our California lemon law attorneys or another California lemon law firm, we recommend you contact a California lemon law lawyer if this has happened to you.

I’ve never had a lawyer before. Do I have to come to your office or spend a lot of time on my new or used car lemon law case?

No. In most cases your California new or used car lemon law case can be handled with a few phone calls, email or fax. Our experienced California lemon law lawyers can evaluate your case over the phone or via email. Our California lemon law lawyers handle the entire California lemon law buy-back process on your behalf. Although we are always pleased to see our clients, there is no need to visit our office.

Will I have to go to court for my lemon law case?

In most cases your California lemon law matter will settle before seeing the inside of a courtroom and will not have to go to trial.  But, the California lemon law lawyers of this office have over extensive trial experience. We are true trial attorneys and will never back down from the California lemon law defense industry. Our reputation as trial attorneys is a well-respected asset among California’s lemon law defense attorneys.

I’ve been told the California lemon law says I have to go to arbitration first. Is this true?

No, and it may not be in your best interest to use arbitration. The statistics from arbitration do not favor the consumer. The manufacturer has access to the unlimited resources of its defense counsel at arbitration. You do not. Why does the manufacturer and dealership want you to use arbitration? Because it is in their best interest for you to do so. The California lemon law is written to favor the manufacturer if you choose arbitration. If your dealership or the manufacturer wants you to use arbitration or you have a pending arbitration or you’ve gone through arbitration, we recommend you call an experience California lemon law attorney immediately.

Does the California lemon law apply to anything else, like motorcycles, boats, or RVs?

Yes. Whether you have a new or used car, motorcycle, boat, or RV, the California new or used car lemon law likely applies to your vehicle. The California lemon law was created to help consumers return their defective vehicles, promptly and frustration free. Our California lemon law attorneys have extensive experience applying the California lemon law to motorcycles, boats, and RVs.

Please call or contact us online should you have any questions or concerns about your vehicle. The owner of the office, Mr. Brian K. Cline, will speak with you about your potential California lemon law case. Even if your vehicle does not qualify under the California lemon law we are happy to discuss your concerns. Whether you are located in Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, San Diego, Fresno, Bakersfield, or anywhere in between, don’t hesitate to contact us. It is Mr. Cline’s passion to  arm California’s consumers with the knowledge of the California lemon law and level the playing field against unlimited resources of California’s lemon law defense lawyers.

For your free consultation with the owner of the firm, call 888.982.6915 or contact us online or click on the chat now link.

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