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Mercedes Benz Models with the Most Recalls

Mercedes Benz – or just Mercedes – is a German luxury automaker founded in 1926. The brand is synonymous with class. As of 2018, Mercedes Benz is the largest premium vehicle brand in the world – with over 2.3 million passenger vehicles sold. With such a large, global footprint, the brand is no stranger to manufacturing defects. Here are the Mercedes Benz models with the most recalls:

Mercedes C300

The C300 is one of Mercedes’ most popular models. The sedan combines luxury, comfort, and power with a vehicle that is beloved across the world. While the C300 is known for advanced technology and safety features, it has been recalled 100 times, holding the record for the Mercedes Benz brand. These recalls have been related to:

Mercedes Sprinter 2500/3500

The famous Sprinter van is without a doubt the most popular van in the world today. The cutting-edge features, massive cargo capacity, and excellent fuel economy make this model the gold standard for commercial shipping and vanlife enthusiasts. Over the years, the Sprinter has been recalled 46 times for issues including:

Mercedes C350

The C350 is a high-efficiency vehicle that comes in sedans, coupes, and convertibles. The model has never ranked especially well for reliability, but ratings suggest the vehicle provides decent value for the money. The C350 has been recalled 45 times for problems related to:

Mercedes C63 AMG

The C63 AMG is a luxury vehicle known for exceptional power – equipped with turbocharged engines, a high-performance transmission, cutting-edge suspension, and a classy exterior. While the C63 AMG is consistently rated above other Mercedes Benz models, it has many recalls to its name – coming in at 43. These recalls stem from issues including:

Mercedes GLC300

The GLC300 – Mercedes Benz’s premier compact luxury SUV – is known for its spacious cabin and high-performance engine. The model is consistently praised by consumers, but it has had plenty of mechanical failures over the years. The GLC300 has racked up 42 recalls for problems including:

Are you eligible for a Mercedes Benz lemon law case?

Finding a manufacturer defect on a purchased or leased Mercedes Benz vehicle doesn’t automatically qualify you for a California lemon law claim. For a Mercedes Benz lemon law case to be valid, it must meet the following guidelines:

To prove you have a valid claim under Mercedes Benz lemon law, you will need to have paperwork proving the vehicle meets the state’s qualifications. This includes repair orders (closed), invoices, receipts, communication logs with the manufacturer, and all other documentation related to the defective vehicle.

Mercedes Benz Lemon Law FAQs

Are all Mercedes Benz models eligible for California lemon law cases?

All Mercedes Benz vehicles sold or leased with a manufacturer or dealership warranty are eligible for California lemon law benefits. However, the defect(s) must be reported to the manufacturer/dealership within the terms of the warranty. If the warranty is expired, you may not be able to receive a Mercedes-Benz lemon law buyback.

What compensation can I seek in a Mercedes-Benz lemon law buyback?

If your vehicle meets Mercedes Benz lemon law qualifications in California, you may seek the following compensation from the manufacturer or dealer:

Can I pursue compensation for a defective Mercedes Benz vehicle if the warranty is expired?

A Mercedes Benz lemon law case is only valid if the defect or nonconformity was first reported to the manufacturer/dealership while the warranty was in effect. You would still be eligible for California lemon law benefits even if the warranty expires during the repair process.

What is the time limit to file a claim for a Mercedes-Benz lemon law buyback?

In California, there is a four-year statute of limitations to file for a Mercedes lemon law buyback. We recommend getting in touch with an attorney to begin processing your Mercedes Benz lemon law case as soon as it meets the state’s qualifications.

The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to earn compensation.  If you wait months – or years – to seek a Mercedes lemon law buyback, this indicates that the defect was not “substantial” enough to warrant a claim – and the manufacturer will use this against you.

Additionally, driving a defective vehicle is extremely dangerous, both for you and other drivers.

Can a used vehicle qualify for a Mercedes lemon law buyback?

Fortunately, yes. California lemon law covers used vehicles in addition to new ones. However, the coverage is not as expansive. In California, most dealerships sell used vehicles with warranties that last for 30 days after purchase or before 1,000 miles accrue on the odometer. If the used vehicle meets the California lemon law qualifications within these terms, the vehicle may be eligible for a Mercedes-Benz lemon law buyback

What happens if I bought my Mercedes Benz vehicle “as is”?

“As is” agreements in vehicles mean the buyer takes full responsibility for any defects or conformities once they drive it off the lot. In other words, there is no warranty in place and no eligibility for a Mercedes Benz lemon law case. Dealerships are required to disclose if a vehicle is being sold “as is” or with a dealer warranty on the buyer’s guide.

What if there is no indication of a dealer warranty or “as is” agreement on the buyer’s guide?

In some rare cases, there may not be any indication of a dealer warranty or “as is” clause. In these situations, the vehicle will have an implied warranty of merchantability, meaning the vehicle is fit for its intended purpose. These unspoken agreements are usually good for 60 days up to a year and cover the vehicle’s essential components.

Filing a Mercedes Benz lemon law case in CA with an implied warranty is not an easy task. You will need to contact an experienced lemon law lawyer in California to manage the claims process.

How much does a lemon law lawyer in California charge to handle my Mercedes Benz lemon law case?

Lemon law lawyers in California generally work on a contingency fee agreement. As part of the Mercedes lemon law buyback, the manufacturer is required to pay for all attorney fees and court costs. In turn, your lemon attorney will not ask for any upfront costs to take your Mercedes Benz lemon law case – as they will be paid AFTER they win the claim.

Should I Hire a Lawyer to Pursue a Mercedes-Benz Lemon Law Buyback?

Yes – hiring a lemon law lawyer to pursue a Mercedes lemon law buyback is the most important choice you will make in the process. Even if you believe your case is crystal-clear, there are never any guarantees of results in lemon law cases. Regardless of the circumstances, Mercedes Benz has no intention of compensating you for selling a defective vehicle.

Moreover, they have extremely high-powered legal teams to defend the company against lemon law claims.

A lemon law lawyer in California will know how to negotiate with these legal teams and fight for fair compensation. Trying to pursue a Mercedes-Benz lemon law buyback alone will almost certainly result in a subpar settlement.

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