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California has millions of vehicles on the road – more than most American states. If you’ve driven through Napa, either back and forth to after-school activities, or across town during peak tourist season, you know that you need a reliable, trustworthy vehicle.

Stuck with a faulty vehicle? Good news: there are lemon law consumer rights in place to protect Californians.

California lemon law (the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act) was put in place to hold manufacturers accountable for sub-par production and defective vehicles. At Cline APC, we teach drivers about their legal rights and how the lemon law impacts them.

The following factors indicate manufacturer mistakes entitle you to a refund, or replacement vehicle, under the California lemon law requirements:


The vehicle manufacturer made at least two or more attempts to repair a warranty-covered defect, or


The vehicle has been out of service for more than 30 days while being repaired for warranty-covered problems; and


The problems were not caused by the consumers unauthorized use of the vehicle.

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An important thing to note is that there is a time limit to file a case under California lemon law. If you’re going to seek a replacement vehicle or a lemon law buy-back, your vehicle’s defect must first occur within the terms of the warranty.

Contrary to common belief, the problem, or defect, does not need to occur within the first 18 months or 18,000 miles of use. This is a common misunderstanding of California lemon law. The truth is, as long as the manufacturer is given an opportunity to repair any time during the bumper-to-bumper or drivetrain warranty, the lemon law may apply.

But, if the problem(s) does arise within the first 18/18,000, you may have a much stronger lemon law case, i.e., it can be presumed the manufacturer failed to repair the vehicle as required by the California lemon law.

When your vehicle meets the qualifications of the state’s lemon law, you’re entitled to:


Manufacturer coverage of your lemon lawyer in California and court costs

A full refund of the vehicle’s purchase/lease price, plus out of pocket costs due to the lemon

A replacement vehicle if necessary

You may even be entitled to a civil penalty damages for the warrantor’s bad behavior.

The process of obtaining your lemon buyback is not always simple. For consumers who don’t seek out the help of a specialized Napa lemon law attorney, manufacturers will often create unnecessary hurdles or openly deny their rights.

As the founder of the office (Brian K. Cline) is a native of Napa, Cline, APC is uniquely qualified to represent Napa’s consumers against the out of town major auto manufacturers.


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Why Work with a Specialized California Lemon Law Lawyer?

Auto manufacturers have the best legal defense money can buy. That means you need an equally talented lemon law attorney who can stand up to the big corporations you’re facing. You need an attorney with a strong passion for consumer justice and the know-how to win the maximum lemon law buyback amount.

Manufacturers have all sorts of tricks to get out of compensating consumers for lemons. A skilled trial attorney will see these coming from a mile away and act accordingly.


We are highly skilled litigators, with a proven record of success led by Mr. Brian Cline – born and raised in Napa. With his first job being a detailer and porter at locally owned Vallejo and Napa Nissan dealerships, Mr. Cline and his office have the type of local and unique experience that the general firms cannot offer.

Our Napa lemon law attorneys know you need a trustworthy, working vehicle for those long commutes in and around the Bay Area, UpValley, and over Jameson Canyon to Fairfield, Vacaville, and Sacramento. We’ll work quickly to obtain the justice you deserve so you can get back on the road quickly – with no wasted time.

We make it a point to provide each client with a high level of individualized attention – we don’t pass any cases off to assistants or paralegals. Every Cline APC client receives the exact same level of dedication and care from a highly skilled lemon lawyer in California. That helps us recover the highest compensation for our clients.

How Much Does a Lemon Law Lawyer Cost?

Working with our Napa lemon law lawyers ensures that you’re never asked to pay any upfront costs or retainer fees. The manufacturer is legally required to cover expenses after our Napa lemon law attorneys win the case.


You can use our lemon law calculator to gather an estimated buyback amount. This isn’t a guarantee, but it will help you make informed decisions going forward.

Call 888.982.6915 for a more accurate estimate. You can also fill out our Free California Lemon Law Case Evaluation form.


The process of filing a lemon claim isn’t as daunting as it seems. These steps will help you submit yours quickly and easily.


Take Your Vehicle to a Manufacturer-Authorized Repair Facility


    Keep an Accurate Report of ALL Repairs and Concerns
  1. Issues with the Vehicle
  2. Dates of Repair
  3. Time the Vehicle Spent in the Shop
  4. Invoices
  5. Receipts


Hire a Highly Skilled Lemon Law Attorney in California


If you are driving a defective pre-owned car in Napa, you can still receive benefits under the California lemon law. Keep reading to find out how.

1. Did You Buy a Defective Used Car from an Auto Dealership?
The vehicle can be processed like new if it was bought with a warranty or an implied warranty of merchantability.
2. Learn Your Used Car Lemon Law Rights

According to California lemon law requirements, auto dealerships are responsible for covering repair costs and providing a replacement or refund for the lemon. Legal fees are covered by the warrantor.

3. Did You Buy the Vehicle “As is”?

Per the law of buying used cars from auto dealerships, the “as is” clause should have been displayed prior to purchase. Your rights under Napa car lemon law for used vehicles indicate that you may be eligible for benefits if the vehicle was not properly sold “as is.






Motor Home or Recreational Vehicles



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