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Mazda Models with the Most Recalls

Mazda is a Japanese multinational automaker founded in 1920. The brand has collaborated with other companies in the past – including Ford and Toyota. Mazda is generally respected in the auto community for producing quality vehicles at affordable prices – but no manufacturer is immune to defects on the production line. Here are the Mazda models with the most defects.

Mazda 6

The Mazda 6 is one of the brand’s premier sedan models – and has been in production since 2002. The model is among the fastest-selling cars in the company’s long history, but there have been plenty of speed bumps along the way with 81 total recalls. These recalls have been made for issues including:

Mazda MPV

The Mazda MPV is the company’s minivan offering – produced from 1988-2016. Marketed as a multi-purpose vehicle, the MPV enjoyed favorable ratings from critics and consumers alike. The model is generally known for dependability, but it has had its fair share of issues, with 53 recalls to its name for issues related to:

Mazda Tribute

Produced and marketed as a compact SUV, the Tribute was made with the help of Ford – and is known as a more affordable option to the Ford Escape. The Tribute’s production years were between 2000-2011 – and it amassed 53 total recalls for problems including:

Mazda CX-9

The CX-9 is marketed as a luxury crossover SUV and is rated by critics as one of the best in its class. The model has been in production since 2006 – and was voted motortrend’s SUV of the year in 2008. Even though the vehicle is revered in the auto world, it has racked up a total of 48 recalls for problems related to:

Mazda B-Series Truck

The Mazda B-Series is a line of vintage pickup trucks with a long production history from 1961-2006. Replaced by the BT-50, the B-Series enjoyed generally favorable reviews and great sales numbers. However, it has been recalled 46 times since 1977 for issues including:

Does Your Vehicle Qualify for Mazda Lemon Law California?

Acquiring a vehicle – purchased or leased – with manufacturing defects can be infuriating – we get it. Despite not being at fault, you also have to face the legal burden of getting your money back. Thankfully, legal protections exist to help you.

Now, simply detecting a defect doesn’t immediately qualify you for a Mazda buyback. The vehicle has to fulfill California lemon law requirements for a valid claim to be made. These criteria include:

To be eligible for benefits under Mazda lemon law California, you’ll need to provide appropriate documentation proving your vehicle meets these guidelines. This evidence includes repair orders, invoices, records, and any other documents related to the vehicle.

Mazda Lemon Law FAQs

Which models are covered in a Mazda lemon law buyback?

Every Mazda model sold in California with a manufacturer or dealer warranty might qualify for a Mazda buyback. The crucial factor is the timing of the defect being reported to the manufacturer. If the warranty was still active when the initial report was submitted, your claim has the potential to be valid.

What compensation may I pursue in a Mazda buyback?

When submitting a claim for a Mazda buyback, the objective is to receive compensation for every last dollar spent on the faulty vehicle. Once you demonstrate that the Mazda fulfills California’s lemon criteria, you can pursue reimbursement for the following:

You will need to provide all the documentation and receipts to your Mazda lemon law lawyer. The quicker you can pull this all together, the better.

Can I pursue benefits under Mazda lemon law California if the warranty is expired?

A Mazda lemon law buyback can only be initiated if the defect was reported to the manufacturer or dealer during the warranty period. If the warranty expires while technicians are addressing the defect, you may still file a California lemon law claim, provided the repairs were unsuccessful in resolving the defect. The most important thing is the defect was reported while the warranty was still in effect.

What is the time limit for a Mazda buyback?

California lemon law has a four-year statute of limitations.

We highly recommend initiating the Mazda buyback process as soon as the vehicle meets the CA lemon law requirements. Delaying the process could harm your claim. For instance, if you wait two years before filing for a Mazda buyback, the manufacturer may argue that the defect wasn’t “substantial” enough to justify a claim, making it challenging to secure fair compensation.

Furthermore, operating a defective vehicle poses a safety hazard for both you and other drivers. Consult with a Mazda lemon law attorney to start the buyback process as soon as possible.

Are used Mazdas eligible for the California lemon law buyback program?

Fortunately, yes.

California’s lemon law also covers defective used vehicles. Dealerships typically offer warranties for used vehicles valid for 30 days or up to 1,000 miles. If your used Mazda satisfies the California lemon law requirements within the used car warranty terms, it can be processed in the same way as a new vehicle.

What if I bought my Mazda “as is”?

When you buy a vehicle “as is,” you assume complete responsibility for the vehicle’s condition (including any defects) once you leave the dealership. In other words, you likely won’t have any protection under California lemon law.

Dealerships are typically obligated to indicate whether a vehicle comes with a warranty or is being sold “as is” on the buyer’s guide. Be sure to clarify this with the dealership before purchasing.

What if there is no indication of a dealer warranty or “as is” agreement?

The buyer’s guide may not specify a dealer warranty or an “as is” agreement.

In such situations, the vehicle likely carries an implied warranty of merchantability. This unspoken understanding asserts that the vehicle is suitable for its intended use, typically covering critical components like the engine, transmission, brakes, and so on. Under California law, implied warranties are valid for 60 days up to one year.

How much does a Mazda lemon law lawyer cost?

Hiring a Mazda lemon law lawyer should not require any out-of-pocket expenses.

As part of the Mazda buyback process, the manufacturer is obligated to cover all your attorney fees and court costs. Consequently, lemon law lawyers typically operate on a contingency fee basis, which means they earn their fees as a percentage only AFTER securing a winning outcome in the case.

Should I Hire a Lawyer to Seek Compensation under Mazda Lemon Law?

Yes. Working with an experienced Mazda lemon law attorney significantly improves your chances of receiving fair compensation from the manufacturer.

Despite your defective vehicle meeting all the criteria of California lemon law, automakers have no intention to offer a fair buyback.

Mazda, a global company, employs formidable defense teams to contest lemon cases. Negotiating a Mazda buyback will be extremely challenging (maybe impossible) without the expertise of a skilled lemon law attorney on your side.

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