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Volkswagen Models with the Most Recalls

Volkswagen – also referred to as VW – is an iconic German automaker based in Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony – founded in 1937. The brand has released some of the most recognizable cars in its near-century existence. Known for reliability and budget-friendliness, Volkswagen is a favorite for consumers across the world, but there are plenty of issues with the brand’s top models. Here are the ones with the most recalls:

Volkswagen Jetta

The Jetta has long been praised for outstanding performance and dependability. Launched in 1979, the mid-sized sedan has seen many alterations, fine tunes, and innovations with modern software. Even with all the model’s success, it has the most recalls to its name with 161 – for issues including:

Volkswagen Golf

The Golf is known for combining speed, style, and comfort in one unique design. The model has been in production since 1974 and has enjoyed a great deal of success. The model’s efficiency makes it a favorite for consumers on a budget, but it’s no stranger to recalls. The Golf has been recalled 135 for problems involving:

Volkswagen Passat

The Passat is closely related to the Jetta – differentiated by a slightly larger frame and increased cargo capacity. The model has been continuously praised for engine and transmission performance since its launch in 1973. To date, the Passat has been subjected to 119 recalls for problems including:

Volkswagen Beetle

The Beetle is one of the most recognizable vehicles in the world. Well-known for its iconic shape and engine location, the Beetle was in production from 1938 to 2003 – amassing 67 recalls for problems related to:

Volkswagen GTI

The GTI is a stylish hatchback known for outstanding performance and handling. The compact design makes the model an excellent choice for affordable long-distance trips. The model’s history dates back to 1974 – with no plans to slow production. In its multi-decade existence, the GTI has been hit with 65 recalls for problems related to:

Does Your Vehicle Qualify for Volkswagen Lemon Law in California?

If you purchased or leased a defective Volkswagen vehicle, you may be entitled to compensation. It’s important to understand that a single defect doesn’t automatically mean you have a lemon. Volkswagen must meet California’s guidelines for VW lemon law:

If your vehicle meets the qualifications above, you may be eligible for a VW lemon law buyback or replacement. You must be able to prove this with proper documentation. This includes repair orders, invoices, records, receipts, and everything else related to the defective vehicle.

Volkswagen Lemon Law FAQs

Are all models covered in Volkswagen lemon law cases?

All Volkswagen models sold with a valid dealer or manufacturer warranty are eligible for benefits under California lemon law. The most important thing is that the defect was reported to the manufacturer while the warranty terms were in effect.

What types of compensation can I pursue under Volkswagen lemon law?

If your vehicle meets the qualifications of a VW lemon law buyback, you are eligible to pursue the following compensation:

Am I eligible for benefits under VW lemon law if the warranty is expired?

You are only eligible to seek compensation under Volkswagen lemon law if the defect was reported to the dealership or manufacturer while the warranty was still valid. It doesn’t matter if the warranty expires during the repair process.

What is the time limit to file for a VW lemon law buyback?

Under California lemon law, there is a four-year statute of limitation to file a VW lemon law claim. We strongly recommend speaking to a CA lemon law lawyer as soon as the vehicle is experiencing recurring defects. The attorney will help you determine if you have a valid claim and help you start the process to earn fair compensation.

The longer you wait, the weaker your case becomes. For instance, if you wait a year to file a lemon law claim, Volkswagen will argue the defect was not “substantial” enough to warrant a VW lemon law buyback, making it more difficult to earn full compensation.

Additionally, driving a defective vehicle is dangerous for you and other drivers on the road.

Do used vehicles qualify for the VW lemon law buyback program?

Yes – California lemon law extends to used vehicles sold with a warranty. Used car dealerships typically sell vehicles with 30-day/1,000-mile warranties. If your Volkswagen meets the qualifications of California lemon law within these terms, it can be processed like a new vehicle.

What happens if I bought my Volkswagen vehicle “as is”?

“As is” agreements mean there is no warranty in place and you take full responsibility for the condition of the vehicle. In other words, you have no protection under VW lemon law. Dealerships in California are required to disclose if a vehicle is being sold “as is” on the buyer’s guide.

What if there is no indication of a dealer warranty or “as is” agreement on the buyer’s guide?

If there is no indication of a dealer warranty or “as is” agreement, there will be an implied warranty of merchantability. These unspoken warranties mean the vehicle is fit for its intended purpose – and typically cover the essential components of the vehicle for 60 days up to a year. Speak with a California lemon law attorney to understand your options.

How much does it cost to hire a Volkswagen lemon law lawyer?

It shouldn’t cost you ANYTHING out of pocket to hire a lawyer to manage your VW lemon law buyback. As part of the settlement, automakers are required to pay for the consumer’s attorney and court fees. For this reason, lemon law attorneys work on a contingency fee agreement – meaning they make their fees in the form of a percentage of the total settlement after they win the case.

Should I Hire a Lawyer to Pursue a VW lemon law buyback or replacement?

Absolutely. Hiring an attorney with experience in VW lemon law cases is the smartest decision you will make in this process. Even if there is no question your vehicle meets the qualifications of Volkswagen lemon law, the automaker has no intention of giving you fair compensation.

Volkswagen is a brand with a worldwide footprint. They have extremely high-powered defense teams to get out of taking responsibility for selling defective products. Results are never guaranteed.

A skilled lemon law lawyer knows how to negotiate with these teams and win the maximum compensation as quickly as possible.

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