Attention California consumers…

who own the 2012 FIAT 500 through 2015 FIAT 500 cars, gas or electric.The California LEMON LAW LEGAL GROUP has identified common problems which may entitle you to thousands of dollars in compensation, including a full California lemon law buy back or replacement car.

Lemon law lawyers California notice of lemon vehicle-the FIAT 500.

There is a high percentage of 2012 through 2015 FIAT 500 cars sold in California with recurring defects. These vehicles have suffered from drivability concerns, including, but not limited to, defects which have manifested in a no-start issue, engine stalling, “burning smell,” loss of power, engine or power shut-down. Moreover, other FIAT 500 transmission concerns include shifting problems, engagement delays, transmission slipping. As an owner, you may also have experienced noises when turning left or right, engine overheating, and/or instrument cluster warning lights including the check engine light (CEL), or airbag light (SRS).

Known FIAT 500 California lemon law problems.

FIAT knows these issues exist. They have tried numerous software updates. They issued recalls and Technical Service Bulletins (TSB). Despite these repair attempts, many of these vehicles remain in need of permanent repair. FIAT has demonstrated an inability to remedy the FIAT 500 defective conditions.

If your FIAT 500 has been to the repair facility on 3 or more occasions, or in the repair shop for a total of 30 or more days, you may be entitled to a California lemon law buy back or replacement vehicle. In addition, FIAT must pay your attorneys’ fees! Even if the repair facility temporarily fixed your FIAT 500 you may still qualify for California lemon law protection.

California LEMON LAW LEGAL GROUP buy back calculator.

Please visit our website and calculate your FIAT 500 California lemon law buy back. Follow the prompts and our buy back calculator will calculate an estimated FIAT 500 buy back. If you have questions about your specific circumstances, or general questions about the California lemon law, please call us at 888.982.6915 and we would be happy to discuss concerns.

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