3 RAM Trucks with Known Lemon Law Issues – And the Common Problems

The Ram is a staple of the American pickup truck market. The model has been in production since 1980 and has seen a great deal of evolution over the years. The Ram was introduced as the Dodge Ram – and has been marketed under the Ram Trucks brand since 2010.

Currently, in its fifth generation, the Ram is known for its power, style, and cutting-edge safety features. The model has earned the prestigious Motor Trend’s “Truck of the Year” award eight times. Most recently in 2023.

However, Ram truck problems are more common than many assume.

We’ve seen a myriad of cases around Ram truck issues at Cline APC – which the repair facility cannot fix. In this post, we want to discuss the major problems to watch out for. More importantly, what you can do to pursue fair compensation for purchasing or leasing a vehicle with manufacturer defects?

Let’s dive in.

Ram Trucks with the Most Problems

Ram 1500

The Ram 1500 has the most issues in the Ram catalog, with a total of 63 recalls as of this writing.

Ram 2500

The 2500 has amassed 38 recalls (as of this writing) for a plethora of Ram truck problems.

Ram 3500 & 4500

The 3500 and 4500 have a total of 36 recalls (as of this writing) for several substantial Ram truck issues.

Most Common Ram Truck Problems

Ram truck issues have been very prevalent in our California lemon law firm over the past few years. Here are some of the most common Ram customer service complaints we’ve seen.

Engine Problems

Ram trucks have been plagued by engine problems – ranging from moderate to extremely serious. Many of the Ram truck problems we’ve seen involve exhaust manifold failures, compression issues, leaks, stalls, cylinder head malfunctions, and more.

These Ram customer service complaints have been relatively common in recent years. If something seems off with your engine, get it inspected ASAP.

Transmission Issues

Transmission issues are very common in Ram trucks. These result in problems shifting, for which drivers report jerking, slow acceleration, late shifts, clunking sounds while shifting, and more. Some drivers also experience loud whines and howling coming from the transmission.

These Ram truck problems must be addressed immediately.

Totally Integrated Power Module Defects

Problems with the Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPM) have been a common thread across Chrysler vehicles. The TIPM is the power distribution center of a vehicle – and when it’s defective, it can impact several other critical systems.

Some of the most common Ram truck problems with the TIPM include stalling, power window failure, fuel pump issues, doors locking/unlocking randomly, cooling fan failure, and more. If you are experiencing any of these issues, get in touch with the manufacturer or dealership ASAP.

Faulty Batteries

Car batteries should ideally last three to four years.

Owners of Ram trucks have reported unexplained dead batteries on their new vehicles on Ram customer service complaints. For some drivers, these issues have shown up within the first few days of having the Ram truck. They see the check engine light come on while driving – followed by the charging icon flashing with the battery reporting a 1/4 charge.

What Are Your Options if You’re Experiencing Ram Truck Problems?

Ram truck issues can be very frustrating, but you have plenty of options to rectify the issue.

For starters, check your warranty terms. If your vehicle is still covered under the manufacturer or dealer warranty, get in touch with the place you purchased or leased the vehicle from. A representative will direct you to a certified repair facility.

Do not under any circumstance take your vehicle to a 3rd party mechanic.

Any work done by a non-manufacturer-certified repair facility can potentially void the warranty. As long as your Ram is still covered under warranty, the manufacturer or dealership is your repair facility.

When Do Your Ram Truck Issues Warrant a California Lemon Law Claim?

Experiencing one or more Ram truck problems does not automatically mean your vehicle is a lemon. It must meet the state’s qualifications to be eligible for a lemon law claim.

Under California lemon law, a defective vehicle must meet the following criteria:

  • The vehicle was covered under the manufacturer or dealer warranty when the defect was first reported; and
  • The defect is “substantial” – meaning it impairs the vehicle’s safety, functionality, or value; and
  • The manufacturer’s certified repair facility has been given a reasonable number of attempts to fix the issue (usually at least two); or
  • The vehicle has been out of service for at least 30 cumulative days for any number of repairs; and
  • The defect was not caused by driver error or neglect.

You will need to have documentation to prove your vehicle meets the qualifications of California lemon law. This includes your warranty terms, all repair orders, invoices, receipts, recorded communication with the manufacturer, etc.

When you hire a lemon law attorney in California, they will need all this documentation to build your claim and pursue fair compensation for the Ram truck issues you are experiencing.

What’s the Next Step?

If you purchased or leased a Ram in CA and believe it is a lemon, get in touch with a lemon law attorney in California immediately to learn about your options.

Keep in mind, most lemon lawyers work on a contingency fee agreement. This means they make a percentage of the total settlement AFTER the manufacturer pays it out. They shouldn’t charge you anything to take your case. Moreover, most know you’re facing this situation for the first time and will be happy to point you in the right direction – even if you don’t have a valid claim.

At Cline APC, we specialize in Ram truck problems and are available to answer any questions you may have about California lemon law. Call our office at 888-982-6915, email us at info@clineapc.com, or fill out a free case evaluation.

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